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Artist of the Year, Espace Art Gallery Brussels Spain

"Premio Leonardo da Vinci" Biennale Città di Cesenatico Italy

"Arte in Maschera al Carnevale di Venezia" Centro d'arte San Vidal Venice Italy

"Il canto delle sirene" Contemporary Art Exhibition held at Museo Luigi Bellini in Florence Italy


"First Biennale di Asti" Asti Art Gallery, Asti Italy

"Biennale Internazionale d'Arte Contemporanea di Varallo 2022 Palazzo d'Adda, Varallo Italy

"Luce e Colore" Roccart Gallery Florence

"Erotic Art 2022" Studio d'Arte Contemporanea" Bologna

"Border Art" Villa Paolotti, Gattinara

"Ars Tempus" HUB/ART Galleria di Milano Milan

"Mostra di Fine Estate" Roccart Gallery Firenze Florence

Biennale d'Europe, Londra, Espace Art Gallery London

Biennale d'Arte Internazionale XIV Edizione 2022, Museo Stadio Domiziano a Roma (Piazza Novona) Rome

"Point to Head" Medina Art Gallery Rome

"AQUARS II" Galleria Il Leone Rome

"Dialogando con l'Arte" Ottocentesco Museo Diocesano San Matteo di Salerno, Salerno


"Libertà di Espressione" Roccart Gallery, Florence

"The Future Art" Roccart Gallery Florence

"Mostra di Fine Estate" Roccart Gallery Florence

"Dante a Palazzo Datini a Prato" Palazzo Datini Prato

"Nel Segno di Caravaggio" Hotel Adalesia Turin

"50 Per Disney" Hotel Adalesia Turin

"Capacità sensoriale" Palazzo Ducale Genova

"Christmas in Roccart" Roccart Gallery Florence


"Final Year Exhibition" Florence


"Kit di sopravvivenza", Florence


"Lipisiazzula" Prato


"Art and About" Hong Kong


During the lockdown of 2020, I have to say my life became extremely miserable and depressing. Nevertheless things are not alway negative. During this period, I found that one's visual perception actually could be influenced by it's emotion and sensation. This just happened incidentally one night by longing for freedom and took fresh breath at my terrace. I looked at the sky and amazingly the world around me appeared to totally blue, blue sky as well as all buildings. Hence I am so fascinated and started to do research in a scientific way with our five senses. Followed by researching on correlation of colour and the form. I find that the interrelationship between color and mood which is in certain aspect could have been subject by the external factors.

I intend to use color to express my own feeling. I am particularly fascinated on how the light, one’s sentiment and six senses could potentially affect our visual perspective in perceiving the color of the subjects/buildings.

As a matter of fact, colours of the canvas gives me a sense of freshness, joyfulness and delightfulness as well as contentment.


Level I of Visual Arts Painting with Grade 106/110 (equivalent to Bachelar degree) at Libera Accademia di Belle Arti, Florence Italy

Certificate in Fine Arts (Drawing and Painting) at Florence Classical Arts Academy, Florence, Italy 2017

B.Sc. Economics and Management with Second Hon. at University of London, UK

Diploma in Jewellery Designing at Baptist University, Hong Kong

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