Jomay Tam

Contemporary Artist

From Hong Kong an International Financial Hub to the Renaissance City of Florence, I followed my passion to extend my horizon and artistic training to pursue my dream to become a professional artist.  With the benefit of my unique diversity of Cultural and Educational background, possess a UK Economics Degree and an Italian Visual Art Painting Degree, and my admiration of 19th Century Impressionism as well as my research of color theory, my paintings are depicted with vibrant colors and various painting techniques.  I am strongly influenced by both Italian and French Painters, e.g. Caravaggio and Marc Chagall.  Color for me is the fundamental tool that allows me to express fellings.  I believe that the light, our sentiment and the five senses can potentially influence one's visual perspective in perceiving the color of the subjects and the buildings.

My artworks have been well received and recognized by the Italian Art Communities and Critiques in Italy.  I have won numerous awards and attended exhibitions and Biennale throughout Italy and overseas, eg. London, Brussels and Barcelona etc.  

My works have been collected by Art collector in United States and Municipality of Signa Italy.

Upcoming projects in 2023 - I have been selected for the XIV Florence Biennale, exhbitions in United States and invited for contests from Italian Museum and Universities.