Jomay follows her dream and her passion for art to come to Florence to study and paint.  She is unique and her artworks are one of a kind.  Her paintings often have strong autobiographical elements and mixed realism with fantasy.  

She has won numerous prizes and awards in Italy.  Her works have been collected in United States and Municipality of Signa Italy.


Level I of Visual Arts Painting with Grade 106/110 (equivalent to Bachelar degree) at Libera Accademia di Belle Arti, Florence Italy 

Certificate in Fine Arts (Drawing and Painting) at Florence Classical Arts Academy, Florence, Italy 

B.Sc. Economics and Management with Second Hon. at University of London, UK 

Diploma in Jewellery Designing at Baptist University, Hong Kong 


  1. "Medusa" won the third prize for the International Artistic Exhibition "Nel Segno di Caravaggio" Turin Italy 2021
  2. "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" won the First Prize for the International Artistic Exhibition "50 Per Disney Italy" Turin 2021
  3. "Tiger with mask" was entered into the finalist of the Contest ANIMALS LOVE ART, curated by Laura Luciano, Museum director Francesco Corsi and the culture assessor Pierpaolo Magnani; and the Scientific Committee of ArtinGenio Museum, Pisa 2023
  4. Selected candidate for the "Apollo Dionysian International Award for Poetry and Contemporary Art 2023"; organized by International Academy of Signification Poetry and Contemporary Art; entered into the register of Roma Capitale and of the Municipality of Canale Monterano and promoted by the Italian Cultural Institute of New York; in training agreement with the University of Roma Tre, accredited by the Lazio Region.  Ceremony of the Prize will be held in December 2023 at National Central Library in Rome


  1. Premio Artistico Internazionale "BorderArt" Italy 2022
  2. Biennale Internazionale "Trofeo La Palma d'Oro per le Arti Visive 2022, Montecarlo Monaco ArtExpo Gallery 2022
  3. Premio Artisti Italiani a Londra, Per la sua creatività e l'impegno stilistico espresso "ArtNow" Espacio Art Gallery 2022
  4. City of Barcelona Award - IV Biennial of Art Barcelona Spain 2022
  5. "Premio Leonardo da Vinci, 3° Biennale città di Cesenatico, Conferimento Critico Internazionale Italy 2023
  6. 5° International Prize Leonardo da Vinci, curated by Dr. Salvatore Russo and Francesco Russo of Effetto Arte Fondazione Italy 2023
  7. Premio Internazionale Michelangelo Fondazione Effetto Arte, Palazzo Ximènes Panciatichi 2023
  8. Internationale Prize MICHELANGELO The Genius of Italy, Teatro Italia Rome, curated by Dr. Salvatore Russo, Fondazione Effetto Arte 2023


During the lockdown of 2020, I have to say my life became extremely miserable and depressing. Nevertheless things are not alway negative. During this period, I found that one's visual perception actually could be influenced by it's emotion and sensation. This just happened incidentally one night by longing for freedom and took fresh breath at my terrace. I looked at the sky and amazingly the world around me appeared to totally blue, blue sky as well as all buildings. Hence I am so fascinated and started to do research in a scientific way with our five senses. Followed by researching on correlation of colour and the form. I find that the interrelationship between color and mood which is in certain aspect could have been subject by the external factors.

I intend to use color to express my own feeling. I am particularly fascinated on how the light, one’s sentiment and six senses could potentially affect our visual perspective in perceiving the color of the subjects/buildings.

As a matter of fact, colours of the canvas gives me a sense of freshness, joyfulness and delightfulness as well as contentment.


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