Brushing off the excess metal sheet of the mermaid, then started to paint the mermaid with acrylic paint on the white space.

"Il canto delle sirene".  

The title is in Italian because I am invited for a group exhibition with this title and will be exhibited from 31 March to 14 April at Museo Luigi Bellini in Florence.  In English, it is "The song of the mermaid". This is a ancient Greek mythology.  

This painting depicts the charming creature of fish tail and a beautiful face with a woman torso. The mermaid represents the dangers of deceptive beauty and abandonment of one's self-control. In Greek mythology she becomes part of that number of fantastic creatures that symbolize the dangers of the sea. From Acheloo - river deity, daughter of Oceanus, capable of transforming herself into fantastic and terrible beings from which they inherited the ability to sing melodious and bewitching songs.

Jomay wants to emphasis the intense emotion as an authentic source of aesthetic esperience, with an emphasis on emotions such as fear, horror, terror and awe through her brushstrokes. In this painting, she underlines the emotion, individualism and the idealization of the nature.

The painting is oil with metal decorative sheet on plexiglass. She  painted the undercoat first, then gilded the metal decorative sheet. The mermaid tail is guilded with metal decorative sheet where jomay used the traditional calligraphic pen to mark the scale on the fish tail.  The expressive movements of the waves  surrounding the mermaid whereas the mermaid appears calm, under her hands are two skull.  Her calm is contradicting the rough sea behind her as well as the seamen struggling to survive.

Award winning artist based in Florence, exhibits in Italy, UK, Spain and Belgium.

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